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I just feel like I can’t do anything right


Hey there! I hope you are feeling OK now. Please know that feeling down about how things are going is OK, and you deserve validation and love regardless of what you’re going through.

From: bitemarque

I know life can get really frustrating. I’m not sure exactly what you are going through, but you are not alone. You are loved and worthy of love.

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From: laugh4apurpose

Hello friend, I have been there and want you to know, you did right by posting first off, but three things I heard the last time I thought this. 1. I love you 2. You are Not Alone and 3. Its okay not to be okay.

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From: fionnafiers

Hi friend. It’s okay to not feel like you’re living up to expectations, but your productivity is not your worth <3 whatever your best is at any time is ENOUGH and you are ALWAYS worthy of love and life.

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