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Oh I feel you. I have next level anxiety, even medicated it can be debilitating. There should be no stigma on anxiety or other disorders. Thanks so much for talking about it & being so candid. :heart:

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Yeah - it’s so hard when your life feels like walking into this invisible wall and anxiety literally stops you cold in your tracks. You feel like you get trapped in this box, and you can’t breathe, and you can’t move, and you can’t think, and the MOMENT can feel like an eternity. Honestly, that’s where a lot of negative coping comes in for me because it’s like an “emotional ripcord” - I just gotta get the hell out of here. Love that you’re already taking it seriously in your own life and pursuing healing and help through medication and talking about it. Thank you for sharing

You are so right. Anxiety is such a common experience nowadays, yet it still remains a taboo most of the time. Something we’re supposed to deal with silently, while staying performant and matching all life expectations at all cost. There should be no stigma, indeed. The reality of living with anxiety – of any kind – is so heavy on a daily basis. It’s this shadow constantly following us, that we know will ultimately try to sabotage us, if not to limit of freedom. I’ve myself struggled with anxiety ever since I was little – it’s a life journey and a rollercoaster. Many seasons of pain, of growth, of joy and disappointment. Without the stigma attached to it, dealing with it would make it a much less lonely experience. I’m so very grateful for your words today and the recognition you bring in your post. My heart goes out to you. You got this.