Oh my word. Imposter syndrome ! I feel I fail

Have you ever felt like a failure? Matt Greiner from August Burns Red shares when he felt that way: https://capulet.heartsupport.com/8d4 Reply to this text and share where you feel like a failure (or where you are afraid to fail).

Oh my word. Imposter syndrome ! I feel I fail myself a lot.

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It’s so hard to consider myself successful. I struggle with if I am not successful in Every area of my life / then I have failed

Hey hey friend! Thanks for texting and opening up about your experience. I’m sorry that you have to struggle with that.

I can sort of imagine feeling this heavy weight, or pressure to succeed. I could even see like - cutting yourself off from hanging with friends or feeling some guilt at doing anything that isn’t “productive.” And when you do succeed, I could imagine not letting myself enjoy it and instead just moving the goalpost forward. “What’s next?”

It sounds like such a difficult thing to have to contend with and I’m sorry that you have to go through that. And I say that all with profound experience.

What do you think drives you to succeed?

For me, I found out that it was a childhood wound. I felt this pressure to ‘be great’ when I was 16-28 because I wanted recognition and praise. And I thought they only way I’d get it is if I was big and famous and blah blah. As if I had to earn my existence in this world or something. I had to earn love.

It was all very complicated and required a lot of therapy and realization. And ownership of the role I played in my self abandonment, etc. And then redefining what I really wanted out of life. Because after a decade of working myself to the bone, I had very little to truly show for it.

Our stories may be super super different. Maybe they arent. But in all of this, I hope that you’re ok. I hope that you give yourself time and space to be human and to redfine what success may look like now and what it should look like. You deserve that. You deserve to be proud of yourself, even on hard days where productivity isnt at “maximum.”

I believe in you. You’ve got this, ok?

Hold fast.

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