It’s ironic, isn’t it?


These flowers don’t seem like much, right?
They have five simple petals, that can range from white to pink, or even yellow or purple.
They’re very pretty as well. They even symbolize love and romance…

But, they’re also extremely toxic, a single leaf enough possibly kill an adult human. Due to this, I sometimes wonder if these flowers are supposed to represent something else…

Maybe the nature of toxic relationships? Where, as much as you want to leave your partner, there’s something that keeps you from actually breaking off that tie.

Maybe we all have our own oleanders. We each struggle with our problems, and as much as we want to move on and heal, there’s that one little toxic oleander that keeps us from a happier life… Maybe we can’t move on, because we might hurt that oleander, and possibly upset the one who’s been hurting you…

An oleander that still wants you to be happy, but can’t let go of bad habits…


The heart of an oleander has the grace to support your happiness, even when it can be accomplished only by walking away.

The heart of an oleander wants to share its beauty, not it’s poison.

You can and must move on when being too close impairs the oleanders growth.