On my own... pretending I’m okay

I guess I’ve come to accept the fact that people don’t care anymore. That people only messaged me when they needed something, wanted to yell at me, or wanted to try to manipulate me in one way or another.

At this point it’s peaceful in some sense not having anyone try to message me, expect anything from me. But I guess I just feel like people were fake, that they never cared, and that they only were around cause they felt like they had to be.

I just really don’t know anymore. I was unsure about whether or not this road of isolation was a good one, but I learned that it is, and a road to sobriety isn’t needed. I guess I’m just glad to know this world will go on without me.

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I care about u and everyone else and u can message me whenever u want to and it’s not always good to be alone sometimes it’s better to have friends that care about u

I’m sorry to hear that you were hurt and used by people around you. Isolation may seem easier but I encourage you to consider reaching out to other people. People who will be there to care for you and not use you. I hope that you can find someone who is able to see you as a valuable friend. This is a wonderful community that will be here for you and help as much as we can.

You say that the world will go on without but I guarantee that you are important and you matter.

So it’s time for tough love Steel. I don’t know if this will help, but I hope it makes sense. I’m going to post it on here, because I think other people may agree. I don’t think you are looking for validation from the community. It feels as if there are certain people who may have hurt you, and you keep trying to get them to step forward. I saw that you posted not too long ago, and as @DyllonKG mentioned in his video reply, you still said nobody cared.
So I’m going to say this because I was one of the people who replied. I’m sure others may feel this way who replied. It basically felt like you brushed our advice to the side by saying that. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but that made me personally feel like my words had no meaning to you. We know you are hurting, but it seems like you don’t want the community’s help. I can totally understand, but just say who you specifically want to hear from.
I truly do care about you, but it doesn’t matter if you’re not looking for my help, or others. So really, you aren’t alone, I think you’re just making it so. It’s just hard for us to keep giving you motivation when we aren’t getting any feedback, make sense? Anyway, I hope that you can find what you’re looking for, I don’t want anybody to feel alone here.

It’s more so the people I want to care and the people who promised they would always be there and love me lied and they aren’t there. That’s what the issue is here. To the people who have stuck around you guys are the first group I mentioned when I said you guys know who you are and I love you guys.

It’s frustrating when I’ve been lied to for the past two years plus and heart empty promises that had nothing to back them. That freaking hurts and that’s what the post is more so about.

Yes there’s a few of you guys that have been there the last month or two and I love you guys so much, and I appreciate it more than you know. And I’m sorry if what I said made you feel like I didn’t see your responses or overlooked them or didn’t care.

I don’t know what you are going through my friend, so I don’t know how to really respond properly. But I’ve been reading your posts. I see you. I hear you. I care. And like I said before, my inbox is open to you if you need a private safe place.

I can understand some of the feelings you go through. They are similar to my own.

I care. Okay? Message me if you need to talk. I’ll respond as soon as I can :heart:

Everything that people do is out of fear.
I can tell in this sence that they’re only around people because they’re trying to spare themselves out of being alone. They’re a bunch of idiots

But you need to understand that, and they’re opinions of you are not important. It’s hard to find good friends in this world but they’ll come around eventually.

Just stay connected to the world my friend :slight_smile:

Well thank you so much for replying. It really does mean a lot. As far as the people go who made false promises, you should talk to them, or have you tried? I say this because they may not even know they’ve hurt you. Sometimes we get caught up in life and unintentionally fall short on promises. I know I have done so before, and felt like crap for it. So if you haven’t told those people, you should confront them.
I’m really sorry if they have let you down. So yeah, that is my best advice. Otherwise your words are going to keep going unheard, because these people don’t realize it’s them. There is another option as well. Just burn those bridges and create new ones. I know it’s hard and you may not trust people again, but I think you honestly need closure, or this is just going to consume you. Again friend, thanks for noticing those of us who still care. I hope you can find peace with this. Hold Fast and much love!!!