One day at a time

So past couple weeks have been very difficult from thinking I might end up hopeless to losing my girl because honestly I’m just a train wreck of a person I have so many issues that have gone unresolved she had been distant so I’m sitting in this big empty house alone and I decide to have a couple beers a couple beers turns into smashing hard liquor in my drunken state I try calling her and I don’t remember much after till the next morning and she said I was mean and she has been in abusive relationships all her life and that just ripped me in half because I pride myself on not being like my father who was horrible to my mother and it’s hard to look in the mirror I made that decision from that point I’ll never touch alcohol again ever I don’t want it in my life I’m so much better then that I have been in situations where I was with my friends and alcohol was around and only once did i feel Tempeted but instantly went back to the pain I’ve felt from losing her I’m on day six one day at a time only I can fix what’s wrong with me and it’s a battle I’ll fight on my own I don’t think I’ll ever be in a good relationship because I’m just a broken man

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Right now you need to focus on yourself. You’re not fighting the battle alone and when you come out the otherside you will find someone that you deserve.

Hold fast

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Thank you I’m fighting With all my might I as symbolic step forward I chopped all my hair off as a way to move forward and leave my pain behind past 6 months have been so hard my band has a show Saturday and it’s gonna very emotional i just wanna let it go I don’t wanna hurt anymore

Don’t let go. Please. Keep fighting. Take my strength, our strength. We’ll give it to you. Fight for the feeling of your misery and demon’s burning


Hey @Jessman87 - I want to echo what @Kayla and @Bvblover16 said - Please take time to focus on yourself. You’re strong and we want to see you win your battles! Try to slowly wean down the level of alcohol you’re consuming. I know it’s much easier said than done, but I promise that it’ll be a step in the right direction.

I’m done with it man promise you that