One year of a cluster

Dont need to hear back, just a rabble.
last year my current ex decided to ask for a divorce, which at first was a shock… obviously. then I realized its probably for the best. I tried to make it easy for both of us. I tried to find a good solution but now she is taking me to court for everything. It’s pretty gutting to have spent 10 years with someone to wake up to realize that they only wanted the financial part and not anything else. She lives in my house now with her new boyfriend, is driven around by him in my car, and enjoys the hundreds of thousands that I poured into our marriage. Some days I can’t believe how stupid I had been. I ignored all the red flags and kept going until the end believing that this could be fixed. none the less I will continue every day with fortitude and belief in the good in humans.
One love


That approach worked for me. My ex and I split after 18 years. It was rough going for a while. I left with nothing but my clothes.

A few years later, I met someone else and we’re still together. I no longer have any regrets.

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Hi Welcome to our community and thanks for sharing.
I’m sorry that you going through such a difficult time what your ex has done to you, nobody deserves that, you need to remember that it’s not your fault and you are not stupid you cannot control somebody else’s actions. Now what’s left to do is to work on the best version of yourself and I love that you still see the good in humans, Who knows maybe one day you will find someone else who loves you for you, not your finances.


I’m so sorry you’ve been experienced such level of betrayal. What is sure though is that you are not stupid at all @SilverLining123. You lived this relationship to the fullest and you loved with your heart. That is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about. You were genuine and true to your feelings, and that speaks to the love and care you had for your ex. The fact that in the end she has made this decision and forces you to undergo such a heavy process is not your fault. Even if there were red flags, the responsibility of potentially using you is hers. It’s not on you.

I can only imagine right now the level of heartbreak, anger, grief and sadness you must feel all at once. On top of it, knowing there is someone else in her life and is literally living this relationship in the place where you were is like hitting the nail on the coffin. It’s such a strong symbol and it makes to feel like somehow you’ve just been replaced as if you were no one, and as if those 10 years meant nothing. Divorce can be awfully brutal and make one feel as if they are completely discovering new facets of the person they used to share their life with. It’s hard to not question yourself and your faith in others when your heart is shattered to pieces.

It is commendable to try to keep belief in the good in humans and to not let what’s happening become a condition of your trust in others. What your ex is doing is absolutely heartbreaking - thankfully though, every individual is unique in their story and the decisions they make. Not everyone will betray you, even if right now it will take time to process and find a sense of closure regarding this divorce. In the meantime, your anger, shock - however you feel, and whenever you feel it - is absolutely valid.

I wish for you peace after all of this. One step at a time. :hrtlegolove: