Ongoing mold saga

From bigfunnygiant: I’ve been debating with myself whether or no to post again, but, today I am feeling particularly blue about everything.

When I posted before about the discovery of mold, black mold in particular in my mom’s house. There’s a part I left out. I call it her house because she bought it and it’s mostly her responsibility, however, it’s also mine. I don’t generally like to admit that, but I guess I am now.

We’ve been living out of a hotel for 2 weeks. It’s a decent one. I don’t hate hotels, but I miss my own space. I miss my own bed. Having no job also (but working on finding something) every day is the same mostly, it all blends together. So—so sleep every night, mom or dog waking me up any time between 3 or 6 am.

Mom also recently had surgery she’s not even allowed to drive right now. So any driving anywhere is on me.

Every chance I get I stop by the house alone. I’m re-organizing my room. Which keeps me a little distracted, but not much.

This is taking it’s toll on me, there’s only so much my anti-depressant meds help with.

It’s going to be at least another two weeks before we can actually go home to stay.

Gah, sorry here I was wanting to be here to help people, and I guess I need some encouragement myself.


Hey friend, I know that it must be absolutely frustrating not being in your own space. I hate that for you because I feel I would feel the same way.
There’s something about being in your own space that helps your mental health regenerate.

I know two more weeks feels like an eternity when you’re waiting, but I hope that maybe the reminder it’s going to be a better outcome for your health will be something that gets you through day to day.

In the meantime please know you are always welcome here to keep sharing how your heart is going, friend.


hey giant!

i’m so sorry you’re going through all that. mold is the worst for sure. when any change happens especially if it’s a sudden change and you’re out of a comfort zone, it can definitely mess with your mental state but as you said there’s only a couple more weeks left. you’ve gotten this far, and the light is right there and soon enough you’ll be at home in your own bed and comfortable.

hopefully your mom is able to recover in the hotel as well too and that they’re taking care of any needs you may have as well!

if you need anything we’re always here for you!


Sounds very frustrating to have to live out of a hotel when you have a home being worked on. It’s a lot of stress, and sounds even more stressful now that your mother is recovering from surgery. Being the only person who can drive just adds to all that. I’m sorry you’re going thru this, it seems like it’s been going on for awhile.

2 weeks and you can possibly move back in and it will all be over. At least you can see an end to this which I hope makes you feel some sort of relief. Being able to re-organize your room and spend time there is great and it’s good that you have this distraction. I’m sure it gives you some peace and comfort while you are there.

I hope everything goes smoothly and you’re able to move in without any problems. Hang in there, it’s almost over! Take care!

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Hi Friend,
Firstly can I say how proud I am of you for getting through all of this now that you can see the finish line, Just 2 more weeks and you can get back in your own home again. I once had a fire at home and had to move out for a couple of months while it was repaired, I went to a family members home and they were lovely to me but I just wanted to get home again. Home is where the heart is so it makes sense that you just want to be there and be comfortable again. It is perfectly normal for all of what you are going through to take its toll, it would be strange if it didn’t and you with the aide of your meds have done an amazing job taking care of everything.
Try to focus now on the end game, moving home and trying to get back to some normality. If you want to discuss your meds have a chat with you GP and see if they can help you. I wish you so much luck and love. Lisa. x

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Hey friend - thank you for sharing and taking the time to post here!

You are definitely dealing with a lot right now between the mold situation, transition between living accomodations, your mom having surgery, and I think just your general mental health. I can appreciate the mold piece, because we recently had mold discovered in our one wall in my house, which we had all taken out, but having to vacate your home bc of it is an extremely stressful situation.

Also, I hope your mother recovers well from her surgery and taking care of any loved one is stressful as well esp if you are the primary caregive.

Your recognition of your meds not being able help solve everything is big though as it is only a small part of helping manage our mental health, so I would encourage you keep posting on here whenever you feel the need to or if you need to talk to somone such as therapist about what your dealing with there is no shame in that either.

Bottomline - you are getting close to the end I hope with the mold situation, so hold fast my friend. We all go through rough patches and you are definitely going through a lot right now. But I hope you recognize your are doing what you can given the situation right now and there is nothing wrong with sharing here.

Stay in touch.


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From bigfunnygiant: Thank you all! As far as I am aware, the mold is gone. However, now more demolition and repairs have to be done. Today we are packing things to be hauled off to storage. We were thinking two weeks, but it’s up in the air again. It’s ok though if the mold is gone the worst is over. We’re not spending Thanksgiving with my sister in law’s family like we usually do. It’s an 8 hour drive and although my mom can drive again that’s a lot and I would still have to do it. It’s too much for me. So we’re going with backup plans. We still have somewhere to go. Although the state of things isn’t great I’m still thankful that I am alive and am planning ahead for things that I can deal with and things I can change. My room doesn’t look as much of a mess but I’m sure there’s a lot yet I can still throw out or donate. Progress is still progress. Yesterday I was particularly disappointed, the one time I actually wanted a particular meal and cared what I got in the hotel restaurant, they changed the menu yesterday day and took it off. It’s ok it’s just fish and French fries. I can easily find that somewhere else.

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From bigfunnygiant: We’ve left the hotel, but aren’t home yet. At an AirBNB now. It’s alright, I mean I guess on the upside there’s a Five Guys I can walk to from here.