Oops Im letting hypochondria get the best of me :D

So I have a bunch of medical trauma in my past that comes from catching yersinia pestis AKA the plague. Yes, I had the plague when I was a child, and it was excruciating pain for me every day. I ended up in the hospital at one point and had to get my blood drawn and all that just to figure out what was wrong. But because of all this, I developed not only a debilitating fear of stomach pain but also hypochondria (which for those who don’t know, is an anxiety disorder classified as having severe anxiety and worry over your health).

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of physical symptoms. My chest and stomach hurt, I can’t gain weight, it’s difficult to breathe, drinking WAYYYY too much water. Guess what those are all symptoms of? Type 1 diabetes.

I guess I’m scared because even though I know what’s happening is probably nothing worse than a stomach ulcer, if it turns out that it IS diabetes… god I don’t know what I’ll do. That would be devastating for me because it would mean that my whole LIFE got changed around. I would have to change my career plans and everything just so I could afford the necessary medicines and foods.

I hope I’ll be okay. I’m worried about this because I got food poisoning last night and I’m nauseous and trying to figure out what’s wrong (Which makes no sense because I already figured out it’s food poisoning). I really just wish I didn’t have hypochondria so I didn’t have the severe anxiety that I had last night. I almost passed out from fear.


Hi friend ! I am so sorry about your medical trauma. Ugh that must have been awful to experience. Glad you are here with us today in hopefully better health now ! A trigger for my anxiety would definitely be health related things so I completely understand getting physical symptoms and then researching and freaking yourself out. It is an insane cycle that can drive anyone mad. Heres something to calm your thoughts though: the likely hood of this being diabetes is probably somewhat slim. Chest pain, trouble breathing, stomach pain, all the stuff you listed are also symptoms of stress and anxiety. Mental health can really take a toll on you physically as well. It can be so deceiving! You think oh jeez there is something REALLY wrong with me but then everything is okay. It can be weird! I think
Going to the doctor to do a wellness visit could help calm your nerves. Tell your doctor whats concerning you, maybe have them do some tests and if you see and have proof you have a clean bill of health it may make you feel better ? Regardless of the outcome youre gonna be okay friend. Take care of yourself. Get enough rest. Try to eat healthy & stay hydrated :):heart: You got this.
Hold fast !

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Update: We’re going to the hospital. My appendix area is feeling pain and we’re going to make sure I don’t have appendicitis. Hopefully I dont, but if I do, I’ll probably end up getting surgery for it which is scary. This could be me over-reacting, but it’s better to be safe than to die from my appendix rupturing.

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Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! Best of luck. Update us in whats wrong friend

Another update: I’m okay! It wasn’t appendicitis and I’m alright. They found out I have a cyst on one of my ovaries. It still hurts, but they said there isnt much they can do, and we just have to let it pass on its own. But, just so you know, I’m okay!


Ive been tested for those too haha it sucks ! Glad you are okay & feel better soon :slight_smile:

Cw//this one talks about some bathroom stuff so just be warned if youre reading it

I’m going to see my GP sometime soon. It was originally just to check in on the cyst, but I’ve been having some GI tract issues like constipation and stuff. It’s really taking a toll on my mental health because I can’t stop worrying I’m going to die. And I know I’m not going to die I’m just scared that I AM going to die. It sucks, and I hate it so much.

I’m hoping this all gets sorted out soon so I can finally be rid of this mess and stop worrying about all of it.

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