Opinion on medication (tw)

Bupropion XL(Wellburtin) I want to say the meds are slowly helping me but I have random episodes of anxiety? I think panic attack. I think about how awful work can be and the chance of me being in a different setting if I get this other job I don’t know why being in a unfamiliar background bothers me so much but during this episode it feels like I have trouble breathing and I am about to start crying.

I have taken Fluoextine,Paxil, and Propanolol for my PTSD. I am afraid that meds might not work for me.


Hey @BlackCatAnnie,

Finding the right medication can be a real journey in itself. Are you in touch with your doctor or psychiatrist? I’d highly recommend you to reach out to them if you feel like some of your symptoms are worsening because of your meds. It can be just a matter of time, especially if you just started this new medication, but only your doctor will be able to advise you properly on this matter.

I really hope you can find something that works for you, and that this anxiety you feel is only a temporary effect. Hang in there, friend. To keep looking after what might work for you is 100% worth it.

(PS - just changed the title of your post in case a medication name would be triggering to someone who’s looking at the main page :wink: ).


I didn’t think of the trigger warning sorry about thay, but yes I can contact my psych doctor unfortunately I am short on money and may do it in two weeks time.


No worries for the tw! It’s all good.

I’m sorry you can’t see them right now. Do you think sending an email of having some kind or short/emergency phone call could be possible though? With my doctor, I had this system in place in case I didn’t handle well the secondary effects of a new medication, but also in case I’m running out of meds, just to avoid going cold turkey by mistake. Just asking though, I know not every doctor does that. :frowning:

Also, just checking in - how are you doing today? Any improvement with this anxiety?

I’m sending hugs your way. :hrtlegolove:

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