Out of work and stressed

I’ve been doing freelance graphic design and illustration work for a while now while trying to find a stable job, but have not had success. Doing freelance stuff is fun but not as fun when you don’t have a lot of connections and have bills to pay and different stuff to pay for. It’s become a huge stress on me to find money/a job so I can pay for things in life and feel like I’m just never gonna have luck getting an actual job. I constantly apply, am always happy to do any work I can get but all I face is rejection. It’s super frustrating to live in a time when work is needed but no one wants to hire you, despite being an experienced “expert” in the field. Part of me just wants to give up but I know the right opportunity will come, it just becomes disheartening after a while


From: twixremix

hi nicole,

happy to connect with you, my friend! i’m a motion graphics designer full-time so i hope i can help you with my own experience. have you applied to internal graphic design teams for small businesses and large corporations alike as well as marketing agencies? there are so many different avenues you could go with your skills and talents so i hope you can expand the scope of applications! twitch emotes designs and fiverr offerings are also enjoyable, although temporary, revenue streams. passive income is also an option of creating stock graphics for people to buy in masses where you don’t have to lift a finger after uploading to places like envato, shutterstock, istock, etc.

is your portfolio diverse as well? the thing that is unfair about this industry is how many styles/trends an artist has to be able to do in order to qualify for a job. graphic designers are now asked to know so many programs, even 2D and 3D animation. so expanding your expertise on adobe suite, maybe even blender, will place your application higher. ahhh i hope any of this advice helps a bit on your own job finding journey, nicole. i believe in you and i am here for you if you need anything, us graphic designers gotta stick together! you got this!




Hi Friend, I wish I had some awesome solution for you, but I know that being an artist isn’t always easy if you have the right connections. I’m always hearing Twitch content creators asking their chat if they know anyone who can make emotes or different graphics for their streams. You could reach out to Dan or Casey here at Heart Support. I don’t want to say 100% that they can help you, but perhaps they might know of someone you could get in contact with as a starting place. It’s worth a try. I really hope you find what you’re looking for! ~Mystrose


From: Micro

Hey Nicole,

It’s amazing to hear that you’ve been able to make your passion a real job, although I hear you when you say that it doesn’t always pay the bills or provide the stability you need. Your perspective about this is very thoughtful, and I have no doubt that you are going to get where you
want to be, as long as you keep trying and don’t let yourself crushed by this giant monster that is job hunting. You have so much to offer in this world, and professionally as well.

I wish I had good practical advice to share on that matter. Although I know the reality of your stress firsthand, I also deeply believe that you can move mountains. I believe in YOU, Nicole. You have a friend in me during times of doubts and fears. My DMs are always open for you. Don’t give up, friend. Reaching your goals is tough and challenging, but it’s also so worth it. You have all the strength, resilience and capacity to get there.

As a complement, if you need support during this process of job hunting, please check out the Action Groups on the HS Discord server. They’ve been implemented and developped mostly during your absence, and they could be a very good resource for you. It’s basically support/encouragement groups that meet weekly on Discord and focus on taking steps in their life/progressing together. It’s all about encouragement and accountability, having allies on your own journey. Ask any mod or admin on the server for any information, or check out the channel #get-involved there if you’re interested.

You’re not alone. We believe in you.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend and welcome back btw, it must feel very defeating indeed have qualified to do such a job only to have to question if you can indeed keep doing it? Im sorry you are in this situation, its unfair. I can see that you do all you can to find the work you need to do to pay your bills etc and thats great but when a person works hard they indeed should be able to treat themselves too so I understand that. I am hoping that as we get further out of the pandemic more opportunites will arrise for you and more jobs will become available and some lucky person will indeed snap you up, in the meantime I hope you find more freelance work. Please dont give up, you have worked hard, you deserve to reap the rewards. Much Love Lisa x


Hello! That’s super cool that you do motion graphics, I’ve tried getting into that but was not made out for that part of the game haha
I have done those things and still continue to do it, I know there’s someone out there who will come around and hire me, it just sucks that money is a stressor for creatives and it seems like if you do freelance work, you’re stuck, ya know?:confused:
That’s a good idea! How does stuff like creating stock graphics work? That’s super helpful, thank you
Yeah I think it’s pretty diverse, I’m always updating it and updating my portfolio. I also am super indecisive so my style changes a lot and my creative mode changes haha
Thank you for the advice and encouragement, it really does mean a lot:)

Those are all really good ideas! I’ll definitely keep those in mind. Thank you for the encouragement, I really appreciate it:)

Microoooo I love you
Thank you. I’m keeping my head up and my expectations realistic, but it’s just frustrating. Like if all the things, why did I choose to become a freelancer haha I like it, but at the same time, it’s hard.
That’s a good idea, yeah when I joined the discord again, I saw that they had created those and am thinking about joining. I’ll look more into it!

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Thank you!! The encouragement is much appreciated, yeah it seems like the pandemic has effected work for everyone, which is such a bummer:( but hopefully it gets easier for everyone looking for work or wanting a different job, I wish it weren’t so hard, but we’ll get through it❤️

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