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Overbearing feelings that I can't deal with


Hi guys… Recently I’ve been on an internal downward spiral. I am 22 years old and I live with my parents. I never had a job. Currently I am looking for one because I just finished my degree… (finally). But finding employment is so difficult… Its breaking me down because I long to be independent and free. My parents are really strict. I haven’t experienced much in my life. It sucks most of the time being so dependent. Don’t get me wrong I am really grateful for my parents support but I just feel so alone and I long to live a better life. I long to make my own decisions and make mistakes and have my own experiences. I can’t help the way I feel and it’s really sucking the life out of me. I swear to God I’m trying so hard to find a job and make my life better. Nothing seems to be going right and I don’t feel okay.


Hey dude, I totally feel you. It’s so frustrating to feel like you don’t have any control of where your life is going. I’ve been there and it’s so stressful. I don’t have anything specific that really helps, but all I can really say is don’t give up, it’s hard when nothing seems to be working, but if you keep trying something will come through eventually, which is something I still have to tell myself a lot of the time. Best of luck!


Hey friend,
I get the struggle of feeling trapped and dependent. But if I can just encourage you a little- there’s no timeline for success. Finding a job and being independent takes time! I know it’s frustrating, but it doesn’t make you a failure. It took me over 6 months to get a job in my field after I got my degree. That time was definitely frustrating, so I get it. But just know that it is gonna happen. You’re gonna get a job! And I hope it’s something you love. Just keep pushing through this, and keep your head up. Good luck!


I live on my own and in many ways are still dependent on my parents. You don’t ever really escape the reach of your parents in my experience so far.