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Overthinking and Stressed


Some days my mind runs and creates lies, problems, and beliefs about myself that aren’t true. It’s tough and I feel stressed. Often times overthinking affects my relationships too. Working on it though.

Help or thoughts in working through overthinking with myself and my relationships? Thanks!


Hey Friendo,

First of all I want to say you are not alone in this. I think its safe to say that everyone has times where we over work things. I know Ive done it in the past. Something I do when I start to stress out or overthink things is recognize what I am thinking about, then I decide if what i am thinking about is really a big deal or if it isnt. If it is, I do the best I can to fix whatever the issue is in the best, and sensible way possible. If its not a big deal and I realize it, I dont worry about it anymore. Try doing that and if you keep having problems in the future feel free to respond and keep me updated.

Love you friendo


Hi there!
I totally understand. I tend to overthink too on things that really i shouldn’t be. One thing that helps me is just letting go and letting God. Whatever I’m stressed about I just prayabout it and give to Him. He takes care of it. :slight_smile: That and I’ll listen to positive/inspirational music too.
I feel the devil often puts lies in our head, but we can combat them by speaking the truth over our lives. I like singing along to sings where i can just really proclaim it! like these :slight_smile:
just breathe, know that any thought that tells you that you’re not good enough, not worthy, not lovable, etc is a lie. You are worth so much! Just know that every little thing is gonna be alright :slight_smile:
praying for you friend!