Overwhelmed. i cant do this

make it stop please just make it stop i can’t do this, i cant take it. i’m so close to just ending everything. nobody cares. nobody cares even when all your head is filled with is thoughts of cutting open your limbs, ruining your life, overdosing, jumping off of buildings, etc. nobody ever cares. it feels like it’s too late. i don’t think i’ll ever get out of this. i have nobody to help me. nobody fucking cares. i’m so alone… i just want it to stop please make it stop i cant do this let me just kill myself already


pls dont end it theres people that care for you, ill be friend if you want theres so much to live for

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You are heard. You are seen. Your pain is not invisible, friend. You are not invisible. We genuinely care about you here.

Please make sure to stay safe, to let this storm pass. There will be a time when you’ll find your way to smile again, and we all want to support you until you get there. Give yourself the time, patience, and care that you need right now. If you need to scream, scream. If you need to cry, cry. Those emotions have a reason to be. But don’t hurt yourself. Turning this pain against you is not something you deserve. You are worthy of love and compassion. You are not alone.

I’m rooting for you. :hrtlegolove:

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