Overwhelming living situation

I don’t know what to do. I have to move , and I can’t even look at apartments without crying because I can’t afford them. And even if I can I am terrified that my mental health will dip even more and I quit my job and lose a home. I truly feel like I. Gonna be homeless soon.


Hi Hoderi.
I am so sorry you are in this situation. Are there any places you can stay a while? In some countries there are places for people with mental health and other problems where they can stay a while until they figure out what to do next? It is nefinitely a better option then being homeless. I am so sorry your brother doesnt understand what you are going through. Have you ever got an official diagnosis? It might be something worth getting from a doctor. once the situation calms down a bit I would definitely seek a proffesional help for your mental health issues. The cause you a lot of pain and there is help out there. I am wishing you all the luck you can get.

I am officially diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder. I have been off meds for over a year because I can’t find any affordable mentally health care. I can’t afford 100 dollars per session or the online things like better help that want 180 a month. Neither of those are affordable. And I am right at that line where I make too much for government assistance, but not enough to afford overpriced mental health care.

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From: Aces MCL36M

Hallos! That is a terrible situation to be in. We can’t really do much from the financial side of it. But the mental side we are here for you. You’re loved you’re Valued and you’re respected. If you could write a reply on what you are feeling we can happily support you : D.

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Thank you for your post, I am sorry that things are still so difficult, I can hear how frightened and frustrated you are after helping family only to be now left fearful of your future. Please look around your town for resources that can help you like, food banks and salvation army etc anyone that can help out if you get into difficulty. You know we are always here to listen. You are loved friend. Lisa x

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There is nothing where I currently live that will help me. Tennessee is a crap state for people with mental health issues. I am moving back to Virginia at the end of the summer and I know I can get help there. My biggest issue with that is finding a stable living environment that I can afford. I’m not asking for financial help at all. I am just tired of always barely surviving and mental health costing me everything because America doesn’t know how to treat the mentally ill. The way my life is going I am gonna end up homeless again and living out of a tent. The only people that seem to care about me are the ones who are way to far away. Noone actually in my life cares about me. I have just been a means to an end every time. I have really been wondering how far my limits of not harming myself would go, but what is the point in being alive if I am gonna be homeless in a year or two. I used to hold on to hope because of family, since most others could care less about me. I have been single for 12 year now, noone takes an interest in me or they are intimidated by me. Up until recently that was okay, because I had my family. But now even family is kicking me to the curb. My whole life I have just wanted somewhere to belong, now I just want things to be over with. I find myself randomly crying nowadays because the pain of being alone is too much.


From: ManekiNeko

how are you going? I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with all this right now. I know that there is a lot to be answered for when it comes to how people perceive mental illness and the lack of support and the stigma that comes with it.
I just wanted to send a message here to encourage you and let you know that you are seen and heard. I truely wish I could give you everything you need and find the right words to say that will heal your heart. I do hope that you find some kind of peace in all this stress

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I’m okay. Not as depressed as I was. I am trying to push through but doesn’t seem like anything will go how I would like it to

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