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Overwork and stress / dealing with an injury / can’t ever improve

Been working a lot overtime lately this week, and last week. Had take over as manger and didn’t know how do it. They just throw me into the fire and did not told me what to do. Did a lot stupid things too and making me stress out.

Also dealing with injury on Achilles heel, that really go wrong. I kept skateboarding on it, cause I was dealing a lot stress at work and can’t box right now because it. I’m in terrible shape physically and my body is falling apart. I have no discipline in control my eating habits and eat shit food.

I’m just ready give up on life and stop trying to improve myself. What the point of trying, I keep always failing.


Stress interferes with concentration, which makes mistakes more likely. The Achilles’ heel is also a stressor. Stress is exhausting. When exhausted, discipline takes a hike. The body triggers a strong compulsion to eat, in an attempt to restore energy. Poor sleeping habits have the same effect. The problem is, giving into the compulsion usually has the opposite effect.

If you tell yourself you can’t improve, for damn sure you you won’t. Ask yourself, is that really true?

Do you ever give your mind a break?

Thinking about giving up on life? What if you took a space of time, a few hours, a day, whatever, and for that period of time, gave up thinking about your problems?

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