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Pain is everywhere I look

The pain is everywhere I look
My friends, my family, strangers…
Its in theirs faces like words in a book
The sorrow, the fear all the dangers

I am sick of it creeping its way in
leaving only sorrow and tears
Making our joys even more slim
Creating most our deepest fears

If pain is what makes us all feel alive
maybe thats why death reminds us of relief
We are all trying so desperately to survive
Yet we are thankful our time here is brief

There is only so much one can endure
The meaning behind the pain is missing
But in all my doubts I am sure
death will be my life dissmissing

Not now and maybe not tomorrow
but one day maybe expected
I will say goodbye to sorrow
And never be ressurected.


This is where I insert Meditation… It’s where I can float above the pain, and experience it in a different way.

Hope that some happiness filters its way back to you! Maybe in the form of some kitty hugs! :smiley:
You’re loved, friend.

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