Panic attack possibly

From littlemissprettyy: I think I just had a panic attack. I was watching my favorite show, for the first time, shameless. there was a scene. Monica, she had bipolar, it was Thanksgiving, she told Ian, she was going to wash her hands , and minutes later they heard a bang. TW! bl00d, $h ||Monica was laying on the floor with b!00d gu$h1ng out of her wr1sts.|| I was traumatized, I actually started screaming and crying. I’m shaking rn- I don’t know why but it triggered me. I couldn’t breathe, my sister said it wasn’t that bad and made fun of me for crying, but I wish I never saw that scene.

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That is a very intense thing to witness, even in the form of a movie or tv show. It’s something that people struggle with and fear. It’s something that people think about
You aren’t weak or silly for having a visceral reaction to something that is a very real thought and lived experience to people.

I feel the same way after losing someone I love, it’s been very hard to see or hear about those situations, so I very much empathise and relate to how you’re feeling.

It’s important to me to ensure I really am aware of what I am about to see, and I know it can’t always be avoided, so it’s always also important to me to be prepared to know how I am going to cope.
For me it’s removing myself from the scene and immediately reminding myself it’s not happening right now. And then to try soothe my soul with either something funny/cute or to meditate and reflect on the things that bring me joy.

Sometimes these images can linger and stay in our minds which is why I also find that before I sleep to ensure I try to meditate and clear my mind and fill it with people or things I love and find comfort in.

From littlemissprettyy: thank you so much Alice, this helped me a lot, I was still panicking after what I witnessed, and this calmed me down. thank you :heart:

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I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better, always remember we are here if you need some support x