Panic attacks again

Things were going smooth untill last night. I had this feeling that something wasn’t right . I was asleep and then my sleep broke as I got into senses I felt breathlessnes, sweating, heart was racing so fast I couldn’t understand anything and thought would wake my parents but I tried to take long breaths and try to stay calm after sometime I started to feel calm . Lately I have stopped medication I don’t know if that was right thing to do but rn I think it was totally wrong. My mind looks foggy now I can’t think or act properly and again I am having fear of sleep .


Hey @Junaid

Breathing like you did during an anxiety attack is the best thing you can do, because during one we forget to breath and that just makes it worse. I’m glad you were able to get control, that’s awesome.

You mentioned meds. I used meds for a short time a long time ago, but a new doctor I started seeing took me off (I’m an addict) and gave me some info on meditation and breathing exercises. Meds aren’t always the answer or affordable.

Breathing like you did, long deep breaths and doing something to distract yourself like singing a song out loud or anything to make you think about something else will do. When I feel one coming on or it just hits without warning, I can usually get control pretty quickly doing just those two things.

There are other things you can do as well. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time, it sucks. I hope you can get some sleep. Just remember to stay in the present and remember you’re safe ok.


Thanks :disappointed::pleading_face::pleading_face: I try to control the situation and it isn’t easy always. Somehow I sometimes do things to distract myself but mostly I get caught back footed.


I mixed the sound of ocean waves and rain, and that stays on in the bedroom 24/7. It helps me feel calmer, and it helps to mask the tinnitus that I have. Do you have a pet?


Hey @Junaid,

I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough night.

Are you in touch with your doctor regarding your medications? I don’t know what kind of medication it is precisely, but there might be some withdrawal effects that need to be monitored with a doctor. It is possible that your body is slowly adapting to this change and would cause you to have panic attacks again. Make sure to discuss about it with your doctor, friend. It’s so important. :hrtlegolove:

The fear of sleep can also be such a vicious cycle. I am struggling with that same fear because of nightmares. When you know that your night is not going to be pleasant or restful, it’s not really appealing to go to bed… However, listening to those fears only feeds the cycle a little more. I would encourage you to try to plan a relaxing routine before going to bed + when you go to bed. If you can, don’t hesitate to use things that can make the bedroom feel warmer and cozy. Soothing lights. Soft blankets/textures to feel with your hands. Cleaned sheets that would deliver a fresh perfume. Making your bed even if it’s just before going to sleep, so it’s not distracting visually. Putting the phone/screens away. Doing some stretches, eventually reading if you like it or listening to a calm podcast. Overall, things that would really create a sense of safety and calm to you, both physically (with your senses) and for your mind. Things that would help you associate bed time with something good and safe. :hrtlegolove:


I will try to look for things that might help me ,hopefully something is there…


Keep talking, asking questions until you find what does help. Even if it helps a little. A little added up will eventually become a lot.


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