Panic attacks getting worse

From foobertdoobert: started having panic attacks when i get on the bus. i had to get off the bus immediately and then when i got on another one i was sent right back into a panic attack. the reason is because im scared i have to use the bathroom and the farther i get from a washroom the more panic i have. it;s so bad to the point where i think im going to faint. I physically feel like i need to go to the bathroom but when i get off the bus nothing happens, i don’t have to go to the bathroom. this started because i had one incident where i did almost shit my pants when i was going to the bus and i’ve been scared since. I try to say i dont need to go to the bathroom or deep breathing but the feeling stays.


hey friend,

that’s a scary feeling to have endured and be revisited by. i’ve had my share of panic and anxiety attacks and personally lean on the counting my surroundings and breathing slowly methods to ease my body down from it. if you feel like there’s a problem with your digestive system, i def encourage you to speak to your doctor about it! in the meantime, i believe in you to take back control of these situations and find coping methods that work for you on the bus when you face these panic attacks. you got this!!


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From foobertdoobert: thanks for responding. I did end up talking to my doctor and going to emergency with how much the panic attacks were affecting me. my doctor prescribed anti anxiety and a laxative. emergency said i should increase my antidepressants which made me a little upset. I sort of wanted them to see if i had anything wrong with my colon. but oh well