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Panic attacks over work mistake!

I made a mistake at work. I learned about it last night from a friend. They said it happened last week at some time. I got so worried and texted 3 people from the same department to ask them about it. They said to not worry about it and they can’t see me getting in trouble. Even though they said that I’ve been having panic attacks. I’m really nervous and scared. I haven’t been able to eat much since then. I’m so worried about what people will think about me and if I’m gonna get in trouble. I can’t sleep. If I make a mistake in life at work it really affects me. I get really upset. I’m just trying to enjoy my life and my children and this is making me wanna curl up in a ball and lay there. All I think about is this mistake. Can anyone help me with some advice? I’m really hurting over here.

What was the mistake friend?

2 parts I built failed. Been building these for a while and barley had any problems. I switched to a different shop recently and supposably it happened when I was gone. A friend told me about it last night. I feel horrible. He said he doesnt see me getting in trouble and to not worry about it but Ive sick to my stomach since last night. Barley eating.

Yah need to eat!!!anxiety makes me sick too, don’t worry. Watch a movie or a show that’s really funny and take your mind off of it. If you still feel sick after not being anxious, you probably have a stomach bug.

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I’m mostly just having panic attacks. When I have anxiety and something bad happens I loose my interest in eating. All I’m thinking about is this mistake. Keep replaying getting told about this mistake in my head and it is killing me inside. I’m the type of person that usually blows everything out of proportion so iduno what to do. I’m in bad shape right now.

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That happens to me too, but even though you don’t feel like eating you have to tell your own self to shut up. You know what’s best for yourself. So how about you cuddle up in some nice warm pjs, and watch a funny show with some popcorn, and a personal pizza. That’s honestly sounds like heaven rn I’ll join you.


Also for these panic attacks: weed might be a friend. I get anxious before tests and smoking the night before helps me relax and function on the test. And sleep through the night!!!. So if you feel like you need to quiet your brain down. I’d highly recommend it. Though be careful if it’s not legal in your state like it is mine (whoo California)

And if you wanna pursue it , talk to me again and I’ll help give comprehensive no stigma drug education. :smiley: also munchies help with nausea from chemotherapy(which is next level), so it can’t hurt the keeping food down problem ^-^

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