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Paranoid over nothing

journal 9/22/21

Had a physical today, cause was worry that their was something with my achilles heel. Did had a school nurse check on it, she told me the to worry. But it did hurt a been while working at school cleaning the highways and bother me driving. It get me paranoid to point where I almost quit skateboarding and boxing. However, I got the good news that their was nothing wrong with it. I got paranoid over nothing.

I dont know if general anxiety make me worry about pain. I hear it can make something more painful than it actaully is. Like it over dramatize the pain and make me a baby.

Does anyone else feel the same way?


for sure, negative or big emotions can show up in our bodies. Sometimes we can’t even identify the cause until it goes away and we feel relief. treat your body as best as you can, but also work on the emotions. Glad to see you had good support at school to address the physical pain. Hope it eased your mind a little and got the anxiety to ease up a tiny bit!


It’s understandable. I have felt the same way about some injuries. You are dealing with a self-preservation instinct. It’s more powerful in some people than it is in others. It’s true that anxiety leads to a perception of increased pain, but that’s also an integral part of a self-preservation drive. Such feelings don’t make you a baby. They are just part of DNA programming. I believe that over time, you will find yourself worrying less.

I suspect that even though your heel is structurally fine, there must be some inflammation that’s causing the pain. I don’t want to recommend medication, so ask your doctor for a recommendation.

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