Partial to a drink

Hi all hope your well,

Wondering has anyone here know of a trick to break my habit of drinking.

Basically I drink every night. Spirits. On average I have around 2-3 drinks as im trying to cut back.
But them 2-3 drinks are pretty strong. around 1-2 70cl bottles a week.

My trigger is games, I play games and feel I have to have a drink while playing.
If i go a night without gaming I can go longer without grabbing a drink but may still grab 1 or 2.

I have tried all sort of things, replacing the drink with the mixer without alcohol in it, replacing it with tea ect ect.

If i take a break from gaming as that seems to be my trigger, the day i go back I play till the morning and drink between a bottle to 3 quarters…

It doesn’t effect my work. If anything it makes it worse, I feel if I do good job that day it deserves a drink when im done yano haha, Then if work goes bad I think ah fk it i need a drink. Vicious circle

Its not effecting my love life other than my misses saying every so often your drinking again tonight.

Btw I have no childhood trauma or anything like that, tbh I dont give a fk about 95% of sht, lucky rly, If anything 90% of ppl in my life look up to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Hope your keeping well xoxoxoxox

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I can relate to you. Although I use to have a big drinking problem it didn’t matter what day of the week it was, I was drinking that night. But I admire you wanting to cut back even though it’s just a couple. Maybe there’s an alternative to you treating yourself, or a show that your really into that keeps you in suspense but helps you unwind a bit. For me if I’m having a hard day I try to take it out in the gym and just get a crazy work out in. I don’t drink anymore, and if I do it’s very rarely cause I tend to just want more and more. But my best advice would be to think of some other positive outlets that you could enjoy that you don’t feel like would trigger you to drink.

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Thank you for your reply man, If you don’t mind me asking, What was the turning point mentally for you to stop. what was that day/week?

So I use to do a lot of drugs until I was just tired of living that lifestyle that was taking me no where. I admitted to my dad that I needed help. He supported me through everything and helped me move across country to get out of my situation and start working for him. I was kinda shell shocked and still struggling to find myself. So I started drinking on the weekends with some of my brothers college buddies which lead to me drinking every night, then it turned into a bit of a problem. I went like that for awhile I honestly don’t remember how long it was. I started hanging out with a girl I really liked who is now my wife. I didn’t like how it numbed me when I was around her. I wanted to feel the love and be myself, and I couldn’t do that when I was drinking. So I stopped drinking around her, and she helped me realize that I had an addiction and I eventually just stopped all together. Now I tell myself that I can drink every once in awhile, but even then I find myself wanting more and more so I don’t think that’s even really healthy for someone like me.


Jesus your some strong ass guy to stop like that and well done on doing so! Very good point that you wanted to stop drinking around her and that helped in leading to stop drinking. Ill go to bed tonight and try and drum that in, sounds like a good goal to try and get to, I live with her so if i don’t drink around her i don’t drink haha!

Thanks man, and good luck! If you need anymore advice don’t hesitate to ask. Hope you reach your goal

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