Past job affecting current job

i worked at a job for close to a year that i loved. but i left last month because of the coworkers, since they bullied me. the managers sided with them, since i “made people uncomfortable”. and yeah, i’m weird, i’ll admit it, but it was unacceptable when they laughed at me when i was crying about the recent passing of my kitty.
now, i work at a new job, a similar position to before, and the people are nicer, and i’m trying to tell myself, “these people are not your old coworkers. these are new people who will respect you”, but i’m constantly worried that it’s gonna happen again.

just needed to vent and get some support.

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hey friend,
thanks for sharing this. this is really tough and I’m sorry you’re going through this. you are right! these people that you’re working with now are NOT your past coworkers. I’m sorry you were mistreated by them in the past, but please remember that you are amazing, talented, smart, and capable! you got this, and you don’t deserve to be treated badly. I hope these new coworkers bring joy to your life and good luck at your new job! im very happy for you: )
stay strong