Pathetic no friends

I’m so pathetic I crave attention so much I want people to talk to and be my friend but I’m to much of a loser for anybody to want be my friend


Hi! What’d you do today? •w• I did work! And it wasn’t too bad actually

I am sure there you are a really nice person. Everyone deserves a friend. We are here for you. What kind of things are you into? Do you like anime or video games?

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I sat around all day mostly

yeah I like both I also like to draw

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Sounds nice, do you daydream? I daydream a feckton and it’s super fun but sometimes annoying. I remember you mentioned you like to draw, are you good at it?
Kio: do u have a fav video game? Mine is subnautica and Xaii’s is Omori, favorite animes are prolly all the shitty ones like ghost stories anime dubbed, hehe it’s fucking funny. Shit I’mma watch it rn bitcchhhh
X: my friend wants us to watch Gosick but idk what it’s about.

I do daydream a lot and I guess I’m pretty good someone paid me 300 dollars to draw something for them and I have to many favorite games to just pick one


Oooo cool! I’ve never made or been paid to make art for people.
I have terrible issues with daydreaming it’s kinda like being constantly sick but it’s your brain. Basically the need to talk to people so much that my brain just decides to talk to itself. Not system mates but just an echo chamber and it’s SO frustrating.
I’ve been told that getting high would help but honestly with the shit I deal with I have a pretty good feeling it would just make it worse. REEEEEEE!!!
What’s your fav genre of games?

jrpg, horror, and action adventure stuff. I constantly have so many thoughts going through my mind like sometimes I constantly play out scenarios in my head


I would love to see your art some time! I can’t draw. What’s your favorite game and anime?

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Big mood bro, horror is my fav, have you played omori? I’m kinda a fan rn lolol

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I mostly draw nsfw stuff so idkhow you feel about that and I don’t think I can pick just one


no I never played that game before

That kind of stuff doesn’t bother me. :slight_smile:

oh okay cool maybe I can show you some stuff


Sure thing! If you have discord you can add me on there. My username is D.VA#2676

alright cool will do

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