Pathetic things

im still confused about how this thing works, but i hope im getting the hang of it.
i feel so pathetic, reading all of these make me feel so grateful for my life. im sorry for anyone going through a hard time no matter what it is.
ive come to realisation that no matter how small the problem is we can still react in any way we want. i believe that we all are sensitive and so we all react differently.
recently ive felt so down, i broke up with my boyfriend and although we werent togethr long i havent felt the same with anyone since my ex boyfriend who was my first love.
it sucks and its really got me down, i cant be happy without someoene special in my life which sounds so stupid but im working on trying to be my own person.
i have a question for anyone that reads this… can a pyscholigist tell your parents or anyone if you tell them of rape?
i apprecaite anyon that reads this
thank u :black_heart:

I’m not good on the person “make you feel good” warm fuzzies. :confused:

But as far as your question goes, doctors are required by law to report such incidents. Depending on how things go from there, your parents will more than likely find out.

I’ve been raped. Twice. I promise you that the healing you get through therapy is worth people knowing about it. It’s worth the “you’re grounded” threats. Mental health is so important, your safety is important, YOU are important.

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its so scary, it was my ex boyfriend and the guy i lost my virginity to and i would much prefer keep it to myself becaus i dont want money, i dont even care about pressing charges i just want someone to talk to. i was rly drunk to so that wont look good either. i just feel stuck

None of those “excuses” gives someone the right to your body. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, or drunk, or anything. If you expressively said no, and I say it like because I believe being coerced into sex is rape, it’s rape.

When someone breaks the law, especially over something like this, it needs to be reported. Yes, it’s the hardest thing in the world. It takes a very strong woman to stand up for her rights, but if we don’t, it’s like a slap to those women who fought so hard for them. It leaves a hole for him to do it to someone else. If you could stop it from happening to someone else, you would. This is how you change that. It’s how you take back control - by having no fear. Talk to your counselor about it. Let them guide you to the best healing possible. I’m sorry I can’t be a shoulder for you, but know I stand right there with you.

this is so true. i just know that for a fact getting police involved will distress me more. i think i need time to deal with it and in the future i may tell someone. it’s juzt scary because you know “underaged drinking”
thank you for writing this it means so much to know someone understands me and cares.
i appreciate you writing back.
it’s just hard but i think i’ll talk to my pysch but tell her i need time to deal with it first before we talk to police or my mum. it’s so scary tho bc i don’t even care about pressing charges i just don’t want him in my life. which he isn’t but still.

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All when you’re ready, I just ask that you do. :two_hearts: Everyone’s healing is different. There a bunch of different support groups you can join too, online to stay anonymous and probably at a women’s center in your area. Those are also great resources.

oh true, thank you so much for ur help. let me know if u need anything. i got ur back x

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