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I just really struggle with motivation sometimes. I see those around me and everyone always seems to be more productive, more disciplined and harder working. I feel a lot of guilt for it because of wanting to provide for my loved ones.

The thing about motivation is that it comes and goes, but discipline will stay forever. It’s impossible to stay motivated all the time, but discipline can be learned. Discipline is what makes a person a harder worker, not motivation.
Try to catch yourself when you’re comparing yourself to other people friend, it’s not healthy and will only result in “This person is better than me because blah blah blah”, and there’s no good to be found there. Just focus on bettering yourself and making progress towards who you want to become. One step at a time :slight_smile:

Consistency is what really yields results. Oftentimes motivation isn’t what it looks like for everyone. The best place to start is knowing what your doing is something you are passionate about and is beneficial. So long as your best is in everything you do, it matters and doesn’t go unnoticed. Embracing that attitude is what helped me move forward for my loved ones.

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I think the pros to having every day internal struggles is that YOU have the power the change them. How awesome is that? You can make changes for yourself every day that help shape who you want to be. Even if it’s a small change or a small chore, it’s a change! You can do and be anything you want to be. Do something today that will make you feel better tomorrow. And do another thing tomorrow that will make you feel better the next day and keep doing that until you feel good about your goals every day! You’ve got this! You are awesome!