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I’ve been in a low mood this last week. I feel like no matter what I do, I can’t make things better for myself. Some days, I even give up taking care of myself.

You are stronger than you know and you were made for a purpose. In all the trials you seem to constantly go through they are there to make you stronger and maybe show someone else someday that it does get better. You are a living testimony to endurance and strength and know that you are loved and your story matters.

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Yeah I go through this myself sometimes. IT SUCKS! Its like dang it just go right. I find being active going out for a long walk. at the end of it I feel like dang i walked a freaking mile. I freaking did something! Working out actually helps with our mental health. I have done work outs where i do not even complete the work out cause i just mentally wasnt there. But i look at it and go dang i just a small work out. I accomplished something. I sometimes have to force myself to do it. I hope you can find that confidence and some joy again. I believe in you.

Hold Fast
Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
HS Intern