People are scary I can't trust anyone

It feels like a never ending loop or like I’m in hell at school everything is so confusing and everyone is just so loud and scary I can’t even talk to people without messing up or embrassing my self and plus I look like trash when I’m at school and it’s hard cus I never know who I can trust anyone cam backstabbing me I don’t like it I don’t wanna get hurt by other people it gives me anxiety


That’s understandable. Why do you feel like that? I know it’s hard but there are some very sweet and amazing people out there. And it’s worth getting hurt a little bit to find them.

Ah man that sounds like a really tough place to be! Do you have someone that could perhaps help you talk to a teacher about your difficulties in school?

that’s completely okay! i get that way around people irl too and it honestly sucks but you should try taking it one step at a time. you don’t have to automatically trust anybody or even ever trust them at all but you’ll never know unless you try. yeah, you might get hurt and there’s definitely no guarantee that you won’t but there’s also no guarantee that you will. if you aren’t comfortable talking to people face on then try communicating more online and practice some conversation skills. anxiety sucks but you just have to try and overcome it and do your best to feel better. don’t worry if you mess up when taking either, it happens to everybody :slight_smile: try and be more confident in yourself bud, you’ve got this

Confidence is my weakness and if I do sociize I’m just putting my self out there to get hurt

i get where you’re coming from, trust me, but not all people are going to hurt you. you just have to try and choose the right ones. and if you don’t, then yeah, you’re gonna be hurt, but you can’t escape pain forever, it’s apart of life. you’re honestly going to lose more friends than you’ll gain while trying to socialize more but it’s just how it is. if you’re always afraid and never try them it’ll always be the same and you’ll still be stuck in the same place. life isn’t easy and neither are people but it doesn’t mean you just give up. warm up to trying to talk to people more. think of some conversation starters and go with those when you’re comfortable. you don’t have to rush anything until you’re ready, but at least give it a shot when you can

Cant I just live live isolating and being alone I ge t friends are good but they can stay you in the back at anytime it will take me a long time to start socializing with people I’m scared

yeah. i don’t see a problem with being alone if you want it to be like that but it seems like you’re just scared and don’t actually want to be alone. that’s okay. just do what you want that will benefit your happiness

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