People seem to hate me

I can’t seem to maintain relationships with others and they seem to hate me.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a bad person but I believe that people just blow things out of proportion. This guys at work who I see in mornings (who confessed to me a few months ago) was texting on his phone after he did his routinely walk through and I wasn’t serious but I told him “So, you’re just going to ignore me” I expected him to say something back but he turned to me and said “I gotta handle business, can I handle my business?” With an attitude so I told him about it and he told me that it’s hard to tell if I am serious or not. So, I was thinking does he hate me? And I asked him if he dislikes me then the conversation turned to how I am rude, an awful person, and a bad friend.

One incident told me about when he was confessing to me that I was being rude when he said that he lied to me about not having feelings to me and I said “yeah, you seem like a lair” and how I was rushing him when he confessed maybe I did but he was getting preachy.About how I didn’t pay him his money back. I offer to give it to him he declined and he said that I am a really crappy friend

He seems not to give a fuck what he’s saying about me and I am about to cut ties with him if that’s how he feels.He’s not the first person to try to play it off like I am a shitty human being.

I almost cried tbh. I wish people would tell me what I did wrong instead of saying how much of an awful human being I am…


You don’t need to feel like people hate you, honestly they might just be jealous of how fabulous you truly are. Just the fact that you came here to get help shows strength of hope you get well and get through your family / friends issues. Have a nice day/night.


It sounds like this person wasn’t being a good and helpful friend and I’m sorry :frowning: People own their own actions and reactions so if this person is acting or reacting negatively, that’s on them.
There are people who will understand and accept you. You’re not a shitty human being. You’re unique and great just as you are! there are people who appreciate you, even if this person doesn’t


I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling like an awful human being because of what happened.
Relationships - and communication - are really complex sometimes, but that doesn’t make you a bad person and that situation doesn’t question your worth.

If there’s an issue with a friend, and if both are willing to work on it together, then it becomes a matter of communicating or behaving in a better way. Unfortunately, it sounds that this person was stuck in an accusative position and you’ve been receiving that like a slap on the face. :confused: You’re not a shitty human being. And if someone doesn’t want to address a problem in a constructive way, then it’s not really on your control and there’s only so much you can do.

I understand why that situation hurts and I hope you found some peace regarding this situation since you posted, whether you cut ties with him or not.

You are enough as you are and you are loved. Take care. :hrtlegolove:

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