3rd grade year

You’re young


But does it matter?

You’re happy

And life’s perfect.

Everything’s perfect.

4th grade year

New house, new town, new friends

But you make friends quickly.

It’s your thing.

And life’s perfect.

Grades are perfect.

Everything is perfect.

5th grade year

Some friends leaving but

Making chicken nuggets in your friend’s house

Hanging out the entire day

Hanging out the entire summer

Covid strikes but

It’s not a big deal

Life is… perfect?

6th grade year

You’ve found a new friend again

But this time he’s different

He’s perfect.

And everything you need in a person

Life is-

6th grade year

Crushing betrayal

Reality shattering around you

And you’re not perfect.

You need to be perfect

Everything must



7th grade year

You think it’s getting better but

7th grade year

You’ve been lying to yourself all along and

7th grade year

All of your friends are disappearing

Just like in

5th grade year

And suddenly you doubt you’ll get to

12th grade year

Because how can you function in your

Adult years

When in reality, in your heart, you still long for

The good old days

Back when you were naive and happy and content.

Back when everything was perfect.


From: SuchBlue

Hi RobynTheUnlikely,

I really like your poem. I think we (or at least I) tend to remember the ‘perfect’ things when we look back at how our life was but that never means that it was. Life doesn’t have to be perfect, but that’s the fun of it. If life is perfect, what is there to fix and solve?
Future worries us a lot. It’s always overwhelming when you think about what can happen in the future because you are taking in what can happen in an entire phase of your life in just one thought. A second will always take a second to pass, you’ll grow up as fast as you have to and there will always be time to think.
We make friends and some of those friends move on too. Sometimes we realise that that friend wasn’t for us during the friendship, and sometimes after the friendship, but that’s okay. There are many people in this world and there will definitely be a handful of them who you have something in common with and would like to be friends with you.
I hope that your worries will soon fade away, and that you feel better about the environment around you soon :hrtlegolove: Much love


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello again, Robyn! This is a well-written poem. It is lovely that you have this way of expressing your emotions and recalling your past relationships.

I’m sorry that you struggle with your friendships. It is always so difficult when we lose friends especially when we are young. I remember losing friends because they moved or we ended up at different schools. It was and is never easy to lose friends but there are so many people in the world and so many friendships still to be made. I’m over 30 and just now have made a friend I would consider a best friend. My first in my life and it was a random connection I never expected to be what it is.

Childhood may seem perfect at times but life is never perfect. It’s a sad reality but I say it to encourage you to never seek perfection. Live your life and find friendships. You cannot predict how your friendships will form or how long they will last. Enjoy yourself when you can and enjoy the memories you make. Take photos and videos of those moments. Cherish them and hold on to them. No matter what happens in life or how friendships change, grow, or end you will always have those wonderful memories you can look back on and those friendships that can help you become the person you are meant to be. You are an awesome person and you can become an awesome adult with as many friends as you want if you just always keep your heart and mind open to the idea of creating and nurturing connections.

We can never stay our carefree childhood selves no matter how much we may wish it. Remember the past but don’t hold onto it. The future is always changing and always has the possibility of being better. Stay strong and keep moving forward. You’ll find your path and forever friends. I believe that :hrtlegolove:

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