Pills addiction (trigger warning)

pills…what a popular word everyday, everyone takes piils right?

well when you are diagnosed with severe depression, the doctor gives you some pills to stop it. sadly, this pill may also affect your mental health even worse or become an ADDICTION…

it is not like the other additions (smoking,vaping…) your life depends on it. taking to many pills may cause your life to end.

YOU ARE STRONG! :muscle:


Hey friend,

Antidepressant have a bad image and what you share is understandable. However, as someone who is taking that kind of treatment since a couple of months and was afraid to do so, I have to step in and remind anyone reading this that: yes, taking medications, ANY medication, is never without any risk, but also it can be handled properly with a good doctor and a good medical follow-up. Ask the questions you need to your doctor, always. Share all your fears and concerns with them - it’s their job to listen carefully and advise you. And if you feel like they don’t listen or help you, then see someone else. You are the one who makes the decision of taking a treatment or not and no one has to decide that for you.

The risk of addiction is real with antidepressants, the withdrawal effects are real when you stop taking them, yet those treatments litterally save lives everyday, including mine. I’m not promoting anything by the way: this is 100% a personal choice. With the right professionals, it’s what we call making an informed choice - aka being aware and well-informed about the potential benefits, the risks, and overall the function of that kind of medication.

well when you are diagnosed with severe depression, the doctor gives you some pills to stop it.

If a doctor prescribes meds in order to stop a depression or cover the symptoms without providing a plan to receive sustainable help, then they’re not a good doctor and it’s better to see someone else. If someone takes that kind of treatment and expect it to heal them from their depression, then they are seeking something that won’t happen.

Medications are not a replacement for therapy and all the things that can help someone to recover from their depression. Medications are like a crutch that give you the mental and physical energy that you need in order to actually do the work of taking care of yourself, getting support, tips, tools to help you live a better life in the long run. Just because with a severe depression, doing the work is the part that is actually impossible to reach for many people. Overall antidepressants are not a happy pill that would prevent someone to actually work on healing.

taking to many pills may cause your life to end.

Taking too many meds, no matter which one, has their own risks. Always. That’s why we have prescriptions and are guided to take a certain amount per day. That’s also why there are notices that go with any medication and are important to read before taking anything.

If you find yourself taking too much of them because you believe it would be more effective, I’d urge you to reach out to your doctor and to talk about it. They’ll help you to decreaese your dosage, step by step, and work on a potential addiction. Same if you know someone in that situation. You are right: in case of addiction it’s important not to stay alone, and even more to seek help from professionals. It is not a fatality. :hrtlegolove:


Hi @Micro

I am so happy that you replied, indeed pills do not replace therapy. For example (my experience) a few years ago (2018) i was diagnosed with epilepsy which basically damages ur brain slowly if you don’t take the right treatment. My doctor recommended some pills that basically make your brain focus more on important things(i don’t even know how to explain it damn). After 4 months of taking those, my doctor said that it affected my health worse and that it didnt work for me(the treatment). Here am i today, trying my best to fight with my mental health, i’ve been diagnosed at 11 with epilepsy, at 12 with severe depression and PTSD after my bsf took his own life, and now at 14 with anxiety because of bullying and school !

I hope you are good!

With much love, Bianka <3

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This is such a true post. I recently got addicted to sleeping medication and everyone here has helped me sort through my thoughts about it and I’m waiting for an opportunity to chat with my doctor. You’re right, check your friends! Support them through it!

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hey @DeVille if you need anyone to talk to…im here! Yess go for it ur strong!!!

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