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My mom now disowned me. I’m young not even 18 yet and I’m living with my grandmother. I don’t know what to do anymore

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That’s really rough, PixiPeachy Fan #2. I’m sorry to hear that. :pensive: Thanks for opening up and sharing with us here. I am so glad to hear that you are able to live with your grandmother and that she took you in. While this is really tough you have your entire life ahead of you. I don’t have my own mom in my life because she kicked me out when I was 19. I’m 25 now. I decided I didn’t want that toxicity in my life, so I haven’t talked to her in years. It has left a hole because they are your parent and suppose to be there for you and support you. It gets a bit easier everyday and I’m at a point where it doesn’t hurt as much anymore. Focus on you, focus on finishing high school and graduating. Keep pushing forward and surround yourself with people who love and care about you. Don’t let what your mom did, define you. You matter, you are loved, you can build good things in your life. Hold fast, friend. :anchor:

I’m so sorry.

My mother and I didn’t have a very good relationship either when I was younger. I spent a long time living with my grandparents, foster families and church friends. I understand how scary, frustrating and hurtful it can be.

I don’t know your situation or your relationship with your mom, but I’m sending you lots of love because I know just how difficult it can be to feel abandoned, disowned and disregarded by a parent.

Whatever is going on my friend, I hope it gets better. You don’t have to go at it alone, so if you need to talk about it, feel free to okay? Heart support is designed to be a safe place. No judgement.

Stay strong

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