Platform Content #133

I’ve been struggling lately as well, but I just want to thank you for making me and thousands of other people feel less alone, you are a true inspiration, we love you tons :heart:


Isn’t that jolt of hope so awesome?! < 3
Especially when you’re in a season of dealing with your own struggles…it can feel so isolating. Like the whole world is blowing by you, and you’re the only one standing still…or at least not going as fast as you wished, almost like you’re jogging and the whole world is sprinting…it can feel so disheartening to see others doing “life” and not even getting winded, when it feels like you can barely make it up the stairs, so to say…it can be so brutal to feel like you are not where you want to be, or hoped to be… AND THEN to see that it’s not necessarily /true/ that you’re the /only person/ that is struggling…IDK, it can cut those lies of feeling behind at the knees…if you aren’t the only one that is struggling, then maybe you don’t have to feel as ashamed of life being as hard as it is…maybe you’re just…NORMAL…and the shame of it all can just fall right off of you in a beautiful acceptance of your own life, at your own pace, in your own way. I hope that for you today, that this would settle deep into a feeling of peace, that you are OK exactly where you are, and that things will turn out well for you.

My favorite thing about HeartSupport was feeling like the things I struggled with were hyper specific to my life, and thinking while others might sort of sympathize, they might not “get it.” I was so wrong! I’ve met so many people who can relate deeply to things in my life, and we ended up in these places through very different walks of life. It’s definitely helpful to feel less alone!

Thank YOU as well for sharing your voice and speaking your truth. Not only it is admirable to be honest about how you’ve been feeling lately, but it also incredibly inspiring to see this determination and sparks of hope through your words. There is something beautiful in knowing that we are not alone in our struggles. Suddenly our deepest burdens feel more bearable than usual. Strength can be shared, and so our struggles. You are an inspiration too, as you remind us that growth and hope are still there, even when times are tough. I hope HeartSupport can be a pillar of strength to you as well during these troubled times. You’re loved. <3