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CPTSD, severe clinical depression, trauma response, pain attacks, self loathing, and suicidal thoughts. I’m also an AMAZING mom ( I’m not hype myself up or being vain, I advocate for my son that’s autistic,I’m just what I am :sunglasses:), I’m an entrepreneur, I’m creative, I help others with finding there way through trauma, I help others that need help navigating through being a special needs parent, I’m a suicide survivor , childhood abuse survivor, and an abusive relationship survivor. I’m still here! The fight is still being fought daily! I want to thank God, my husband, my children, and August burns red love and music has got me here today! I just reached 40 years old which didn’t seem possible so many times in my rough life! My life is a testament to my will to live versus my struggles pushing me to die. October 13 of this year will be one year anniversary of my father’s suicide to give a glimpse into how strong generational curses can be. He decided to kill his wife and take his life last year as a result of his failing mental health. We make choices everyday find what helps you and never stop looking for ways to heal! God bless you all. My ABR anthems : Carpe Diem- Spirit breaker- Cutting the ties- Meridian Thank you boys for being a huge part of my healing you are doing the Lords work! :raised_hands:t2::metal:t2::microphone::headphones::drum::guitar: @augustburnsred

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What a powerful testimony you have! I’m so proud of you for surviving all of the things that you’ve been through, and for having the self awareness to work on the things you still struggle through. I commend you for sharing, and I hope you know that your story is an inspiration to others.

Thank you so much for sharing this. You have such an amazing story to share and inspire other people, and by being honest you are doing exactly that.
You have dealt with a lot, and to see the way you speak about yourself now is truly a show of your strength.
How did you overcome these things and get to a place of healing?

Holy shit – I’m so sorry to hear about your dad…Obviously the bulk of this post is about the AMAZING THINGS you have accomplished despite the cards you were dealt, especially knowing what happened to your dad…and if anything, I suspect that you actually hold onto the positive even though it’s an incredibly dark situation…but I do want to take a pause and just grieve with you…that’s so tragic. I’m not sure what your relationship with him was like, but I’m sorry that you’re at the anniversary of such a devastating end to his life. And contrasting that reality with the story you are writing in your own life, it’s very clear just how inspiring and needed you are. That you CAN write a new story, even though you carry that generational weight. That you are NOT defined by your past or your upbringing…but that you get a choice, and that you wield that choice with courage…what a beautiful testimony to your kids and your family and those looking on to your life. Thank you for choosing to defy those thoughts that you fight in your own life and for carrying on the torch of hope.

@natetriesagain The legacy I want to leave is that of A CYCLE BREAKER ( Great cover name boys…hint …hint)! I appreciate your kind words if feels amazing to have validation for my life long struggles. People often ask me how the hell did I make it through and when I stop to look at just how crazy my life has been all I can answer with is GOD. I should have never had a push or a drive to live in me, but I did and it was a FIRE :fire: like no other. I’ve been beaten down mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically but I also never stayed down. I’m a fighter just plain and simple I won’t stop! Metal core to my Soul! Your beautiful words mean a lot to me thank you for taking time out of your day to listen, grieve, and validate me you are a rare and beautiful soul.

As are you. You ARE a cycle breaker. Praise God for that. Our kids need that example. Hope is real, and you are proof of it. Thank you for continuing to fight and to be the light that you are.

@dj2bisbee I’m not sure if this comment was to me. :sweat_smile: They keep showing up on my account like it’s addressed to me but it doesn’t have the “@“ to me so if you’re asking me please tag me.

@natetriesagain Thank You Nate the world needs more kind souls like yourself. God bless you brother. :pray:t3::heart: