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I have a lot of anxiety today, because I am taking mid-terms for my most difficult classes. And I do not want to fail at all

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I had so much test anxiety when I was in school. I was the type of person where you could give me a question like “what is 2+2” and I’d stress and get it wrong, just because it was on a test! Take a deep breath. Tests are stressful, and the possibility of failure is definitely very scary. I hear that. But you’ve done what you can to prepare, and now all you can do is try. You’ll be past it soon and then, no matter what, you can move forward!

Test anxiety can be a monster of a mountain to climb over, especially when it’s a subject that we find difficult. Try to keep a positive outlook when you go in, I know it can be incredibly difficult, but if you can just keep your head in the game until you’ve completed this, you could feel a world of difference.
Good luck, we are rooting for you! You can do this.

It can feel like there is no life beyond this moment if you fail. And as you approach the test, it can feel like – I am not prepared enough, and I will sink. I will not make it across this chasm. I cannot face the disappointment I will cause if I do. I don’t know if I could even face this day…the dread…the DREAD…gosh – I can feel it in the pit of my own stomach.

I know that it likely won’t mean much because these words won’t lift the burden of taking those tests, but I do want to remind you that there is life on the other side of this. Your worthiness is not your GPA. Your identity is not your test score. You matter so much more, and whatever happens here, you WILL be able to face it. Failure or success, because you matter more than any of that. And the people who love you will support you and help you rise or encourage you to continue to soar. Failure is not an end point, it’s always a foundation for your next success. So whatever comes, it will aid you in the seasons ahead, and all the while it will be worth it to face those seasons BECAUSE YOU are worth it.

I know you are going to do phenomenally well, and I hope this serves as a reminder to be kind to yourself today.

Oh man test anxiety is so hard. Remember to take a breath, close your eyes, breathe slow and deep. You got this!