Platform Content #149

@Heartsupportwall I survived covid. Barely. But as the days pass I felt…like a man who should be shunned or dismissed. Dirty. Unlean. Like the air and sun and anything I’ve had before wasn’t for me. My anxiety and stress shot through the roof. The things that pulled me back were the love and support that I always had. Things WE ALL deserve. I still struggle with going outside. Getting out of bed. Laughing. But knowing I can be the same person I was before…that’s something that keeps me going.

You survived. You should be celebrated! The world is just so weird right now. I read you have support and love, and I am so glad for that. You deserve it. I hope you can give yourself the time to get back on your feet emotionally too. You will become a better person than the one you were before. Give it some time, some healing too, the body needs to recover, and your mind (soul) as well. I hear you, some days are just rough as hell. It’s not an easy road you’re walking, but know we love you, care for you and certainly cheer you on!
Thank you for opening up, such great courage !

You can be the person you were before, absolutely. Yet one that will also have this added experience to their heart. Today you are here, breathing, alive, thriving and not giving up. You have not been defeated or reduced in your capacities. You have shown during times of struggle and resilient and strong you are. Never lose sight of that strength. It is within you, it has always been, and it is very real.