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@Heartsupportwall I have been struggling with juggling being a single father, full time employee for the government with a boss I cannot stand, running my side business preparing for a move, the trauma my ex wife had put me through, keeping up my grades because I’m also a full time student. Missing my friends and deployments from when I was in the service, PTSD, pretty much everything is weighing me sown. I have been eating horribly to cope with all of my stressors. I used to be a big time gym head and still go most days, but find it hard to want to work out or even have a “great work out”. I still give my all and keep putting my foot forward, but it is harder than normal sometimes.

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Hi! Solo Mom over here, I Hear and See you! I see alot of “full time” in your words, feels like you have a full life, with plenty of hardships and personal mountains to climb. Isn’t that a workout too? My mind is boggled at what your calendar must look like( probably looks like mine). You’re impressive if you fit gym and eating well in there! If you can, take a breath right now, while you read my endless reply. breathe
A child of the streets I worked with gave me the concept of putting a knee down, to recover but not retreat, (you don’t look like you retreat from much) to stand in place while chaos is around us and observe, stand in the eye of the storm. Take the time to deal with right now. Connect to the body like you would in the gym to not hurt yourself on a heavy lift. breathe Anything I say might not resonate with you, and that is fine, but you deserve health, care and love. And you seem to really want to do it all, all the time, from what I understand. And it is ok to have harder days, and less good food, and some time to sleep. You are enough as you are. Even if you stop for a minute to catch your breath, you are enough.

Thank you so much for opening up about your life, it takes the strong mind of a warrior to do that and so much courage. Let us know how you get on! @heartsupport

Sending so much Love your way,

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