Platform Content #154

You have no idea how much this means @Influencer I struggle with ptsd, anxiety, and depression as well and your music has gotten me through some of those extremely dark moments. It’s encouraging to see someone I admire so much in a similar place of understanding. Thank you for sharing and normalizing these struggles and showing us it’s okay to be honest/vulnerable. @Heartsupportwall :heart::heart:

Thanks so much for sharing on here and we are always here if you ever need anything.

We love and care for you no matter where you are at in life.

Much love,


@OriginalPoster gives a whole new meaning to “you are not alone”, right? The songs are one thing but then the human behind them…to see that our trauma, our struggles are not just something we face alone. It sounds like you’ve overcome a lot – it is easy to lose the beauty of our own journey when we’re in the middle of it. Thank you for sharing <3