Platform Content #159

This passed year has been a rough one for me. A little over a year ago endured a back injury that I recently found l out is ongoing, active, and has gotten worse every day since then. I’m 3,100 miles away from home. I’ve been put on too many medications to count and it has weighed in both my life and marriage; for that I praise my wife for her patience with me. On top of knowing that this injury has costed me my career… last night o got the dark news broke to me that one of the most important people in my life has about 5months to live. My grandfather, who practically raised me, has cancer. It has spread throughout his body. His liver, kidneys, lungs, throat etc. it seems like almost every month something bad happens or more bad news comes crashing down on me and I’m looked upon to take it; plan something to keep myself together and keep moving forward. I can lie and say that everything is okay; or I can own up to it and say it’s not. The hard part is putting into words the way I feel because it seems like I’ve received so much bad news this passed year that I’m almost numb to the feeling.

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