Platform Content #162

@Heartsupportwall I’m 29, I have a beautiful wife, three amazing kids, a great job. But many times I think that I’d be better off if I wasn’t around anymore. I’m just not happy or content. I struggle with anxiety and depression and pornography. This is who I am.

@OriginalPoster Josh, so hard to feel like half your life you can be a superhero and the other half you can be someone you don’t recognize. Doesn’t matter how high the highs are if the lows always discredit them. It is hard to live a double life. It is harder when you feel like a fraud to people who seem so good and pure. Your wife, your kids…you wish you could give them more, you fear you’re always disappointing them, and you feel like – will there ever be a point where I don’t? Will I ever get free from this addiction, from these struggles? Or, is this just it? And if this is it, are they really happy with that? Am I enough for them? The doubts are so real and ever present. It’s like you can hit a high moment and then have it robbed in the next by these kinds of imposter thoughts.

I can relate on so many levels.