Platform Content #166

@Heartsupportwall today I was finally able to start therapy to work through some issues from my childhood/teenage years and some severe issues from this year. My overall self confidence and self love has diminished to nothing, and I feel like I have nowhere to turn to. I know therapy is going to help but I know that I have a long road to walk and I’m so anxious.

@OriginalPoster I love you :black_heart: so happy for and proud of you in this journey! Something I love telling people and even myself is that it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you don’t know how long the tunnel is. Be patient with yourself in your healing, as there is no timeline. You are absolutely radiant, my dear. You are so gifted and kind. It’s been a joy to get to know you through the Masterclass and I’m very thankful for your friendship :black_heart: you got this, and you are not alone.

Well done for this major step. Despite the anxiety and the fears, you’ve been asking for help and initiated that process. It is really brave and strong. Therapy has been something very scary for me for a long time. But by trying again and being supported in that direction, it has become recently something I am grateful for. As you said: it is a process. Some days we are invited to dive into some really painful things, to be out of our comfort zone and practice a deeper vulnerability. Though when we find the right therapist for us, meetings and discussing feel slowly more natural and happens to be rewarding. You are very conscious that it’s not made to be an easy process, though these fears will also lessen with time as you will grow more confident. You will gain as well a lot of thoughts feedback, tips, wisdom that you will keep with you. You will not be unequipped nor alone. You got this, friend. May it be the beginning of a restorative journey to you. <3