Platform Content #168

@Heartsupportwall got out of a horribly abusive relationship about 3 years ago now. I have CPTSD, depression, and anxiety from it. My anxiety has been through the roof lately and I find that I constantly check rooms to make sure I’m safe and I can’t be left alone. I haven’t felt like myself since everything happened, I used to be so extroverted and could deal with big emotions but now I can barely leave or do things without having anxiety or cry over irrational thoughts. Not sure if wedding planning and graduating/starting a new job has added to the anxiety and made it worse or if all of that set me off, even the idea of moving out after getting married sounds scary since Ive never moved before. I don’t believe I ever got the proper therapy… I tried multiple therapists who were rude and made things SO much worse, still struggling to find anyone to takes my insurance too. Just a whole lot of life going on and I’m definitely nervous that some of these things will show up in my marriage. Btw thank you for this opportunity to share and vent in a safe environment, @Influencer ! I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years and your devotion bonus chapter helped point me to another book that God used to literally save my life. Keep doing the Lord’s work, He’s using you in ways you may not even realize :heart::heart:

@thyartisnails @kayla.1508 you’re both so so amazing thank you SO much for taking your time to reach out! I seriously cherish your advice and encouragement

We cherish you! Please continue to reach out. We are here for you!