Platform Content #169

My soul is forever stained by the dark words that you imprinted into me.
A certain sound, a certain smell send shivers of fear down my spine.
Feeling like a helpless child.
Searching for acceptance.
I am bound to you by blood, but separated by a fortress of hate.
Yet still seeking a loving embrace.
Instead the bruises you left on my skin have faded into anguish somewhere living beneath my skin.
Hateful words you once spit at me are still lurking in my mind.
Damaging future thoughts.
Exposing my weaknesses.
Remembering your cruel voice like the striking of a hammer, reaching through my past to once again knock me down.
I forge ahead in life.
Cold and calloused.
You are untouched by all my suffering, yet your memories haunt my body in a never ending cycle.
I’ve carefully stored all these evil moments in a place I can’t hide from.
#ptsdrecovery #abusesurvivor