Platform Content #189

Being a pitcher at the highest level, I have learned to wear a mask when I need to.
My job is a dream come true, but I’ve often experienced high levels of stress, anxiety, and loneliness throughout my career.

I’ve learned to put on a competitive face, and push those experiences to the side, ignoring them to get locked in competitively and perform through them.
Putting on that mask doesn’t work though, and my mental health struggles inevitably fester and spill out in other areas of my life. When I’m experiencing anxiety and depression, I feel like I have to accomplish small, generally meaningless tasks or my world will fall apart. Sometimes it’s something as small as getting the dishes done when I get home from work before I can talk to or enjoy time with my family.

Anxiety and depression are a real part of my life and I have had to really put in effort to learn coping strategies to keep them in check so I can function in my day to day life and be the best version of myself for myself, my family and friends.

We all have our mental and emotional health issues. But at a certain point, we can’t ignore them and push them to the side. The people in our lives deserve more than that, and we deserve more than that for ourselves, to enjoy and be fully present in our lives.

I want to encourage you to share what you struggle with - start learning more about your mental health, how to heal & understand it.

In the comments write @Heartsupportwall and then write out any of the thoughts that have been weighing you down.
You can talk about anxiety that you’re facing today, depression or thoughts of self harm— whatever it is that you’re facing, becoming aware of it, writing it down, and then receiving encouragement. This has tremendously helped me and I know it will help you too.

If you choose to write in the comments, you’ll receive supportive replies from peers who are going through similar things, and we can help one another take the path towards wholeness together.

Comment @Heartsupportwall and share what thoughts you need support for today.


Being real is hard, man. Blessings to you for putting yourself out there.

Get better soon man. It is one of the hardest things to deal with. But no one is ever alone, and it’s ok to talk about

You’re the nicest player I’ve ever met. I met you at pirates fest your rookie year, and when I got there there was no one in line for you. I went up and asked for your autograph and you saw that I had writing on my arm from a swim meet. You told me about your bother and we talked for a little bit. I was probably 8 or 9 at the time but it meant a lot to me and still does.

Thank you for sharing.

Living with A/D is tough especially when I’ve been the “strong one” people come to.
Willing to be open, honest, & vulnerable (Brene’ Brown) with yourself and you tightest circle of friends definitely helps.

Vulnerability breeds courage…and courage is needed for hope.

Love. Love. Love this!!!:pray:t3::us::facepunch:t3:

Depression and Anxiety is real, we all fight our own battles keep your head up trev! :heart::heart:

@lazyliturgical more reasons to love this guy.

You’re never alone brother :heart:

Jesus saved me from depression and suicidal thoughts in Dec 2019b They even prescribed me pills for it since I was in my teens and spoke lies from the enemy over me and since June 2020 I stopped taken those pills and I can say leaning on God for my strength in Jesus name has healed me in ways drugs and alcohol could never. Praise The Lord! There are still storms but they don’t last and they pass, God’s Word when applied and in prayer Holy Spirit always finds a way to pull us thru for better on the other side. Praise Jesus. If anyone needs prayer please message me.

Really been having an anxious and depressive day. Days like this have become my normality because whenever I get into stressful or unwanted situations, I really feel the loneliness kick in.
@Influencer I’m really grateful that you posted this, I really needed to remind myself [especially TODAY] that I’m not the only one experiencing anxiety and depression! You really reminded me on why God still exist in my life. Much love Trev :heart:

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Stay strong brother. Although many of us may not know you personally, we truly care about you. You are an inspiration to many including myself. You have done so much good and been a positive role model to many. You are a great man. Stay strong :muscle:

Mental health is so important and often times overlooked. Thanks for letting people know it’s ok to not always be ok. :clap::clap:

Thanks for sharing. I’ll pray to St. Dymphna for healing. I’ve had to address my own grief and tendencies of anxiety and depression as well.

Never alone @Influencer, we each experience mental struggles daily. Always here to chat with you and anyone who needs a positive boost :raised_hands:

Much love brother - thank you for doing this!