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Please help, My mother needs help


Hello there,
my mother is sick again (rare illness) and I need your prayers.
If you can/want please send good messages for her. She really needs it.
Also if you can/want please pray for her health.

Thanks in advance. :sunflower:


I am Athiest, but I am hoping that she gets better I have many Christian friends and I will ask them to pray


I’m also athiest, but I will keep your mother in my thoughts, I hope she feels better soon and I’m so sorry for your situation. :heart:️:heart:️


Thank you. Even if Christian, I’m not the type who prays a lot either. I do talk a lot with God but it’s like chatting with a good friend. Glad to see there is still some humanity and we can live together in peace even if our views are different. Thanks again.


Sending thoughts and prayers your way @frapioggia!


Thanks Eric! Really appreciated


Most definitely will my friend. Be strong and know that you are not alone.


Thanks Carolyn! :pray:t2: Really appreciated