Please help

So, for quite some time (four years actually) I’ve worried about my future. Not until recently I finally had the courage to tell my family how I’ve been feeling. However, there’s not enough money to pay for multiple sessions for counseling so I’ve been stuck… lately I feel hopeless because I don’t think I’m capable of doing my dream career, or anything really. In fact at this very moment I’m crying. I wish I had answers to my current problems.


Answers aren’t always immediate. However I can tell you this from experience if you break down your career, dreams, wants or anything really into smaller pieces, you can achieve those pieces bit by bit. Once you focus on something like that it will help you manage your worries since you will be seeing results! Also, crying sometimes is good, it just helps to get everything out once in a while.

You got this, I know you do because I did, and I am a dang train wreck :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m glad that you had the courage to reach out for help. I also feel hopless somtimes but I know that God has a plan for everyone. I want to share a video with you. I hope it will help you

Like Star said it’s better to take your long term goals and break them down into smaller ones you can achieve over a shorter time period. Personally when I do this I feel motivation to continue towards my bigger goals. It’s all about balance! Nothing wrong with crying its a healthy way to get out those built up emotions. Do what you got to do to feel better. You can do this!



Thank you so much for being here. :heart:

Thinking about the future can be so scary and put a lot of stress on our shoulders - stress that we don’t really need. As it was said in others replies, you don’t need to think about all of this at the same time, like a giant thing that needs to be achieved tomorrow. You mentioned a dream job so it’s kind of a life goal that needs time before you get there. That’s okay! And it’s already a huge strength to be able to identify what you’d like to do. It gives you a sense a purpose, a direction in which to go. It’s a solid basis that will help you to move forward and overcome the obstacles that may arise.

This kind of goal needs to take smaller steps before you get there. Otherwise you’ll be discouraged and think it’s too much to handle. Maybe you won’t do the job you want at first, because let’s be honest there are also circumstances in our societies that are beyond our control. But it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find strategies and ways to get where you want. One doesn’t exclude the other. It’s also a matter of time, circumstances and opportunities. There will certainly be obstacles in your life but you can always consider them in a practical way, see what resources you have at the moment (material ones but also relationships, personal skills and interests…) and which one you can use. Just like you did by talking with your family. It was a huge step and I hope you’re proud of you for this.

I don’t know what is the dream job you mentioned, but I’m pretty sure you are capable to do that. Even if it takes more time than for others around you, even if you feel like you need to spend more energy. You can do this. And I hope this is gonna be a positive motivation to keep going on.

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to doubt, to feel scared or lost. It happens to all of us and thinking about our future implies to deal with a huge amount of uncertainties. But even if it doesn’t feel like this for the moment, you will find some clarity in all of those uncertainties.

Maybe trying to do some exercises to focus on the present moment and what you can actually do right now can help. Mindfullness, meditation, exercise can be some great tools to learn that. Thinking about the future is important, but if it becomes too stressful then it’s not healthy to you anymore. There’s a balance that needs to be found. And you can do this. You career is something that will take an important space in your life, that’s true. And thinking about it is absolutely normal. But you can also try to take care of you right here and right now, outside of this. There are things you can do for yourself that doesn’t need any money. Maybe try to think about what you can actually try to do and what could be helpful right now. Also there are certainly resources, exercises and/or inspiring readings available online to work on those fears that you have. :wink:

You’re definitely not alone my friend. You will learn to find the answers you need. And you’re gonna be okay. But it has to be done progressively. Please be kind with yourself. :heart: