Please i need help

Urging to use again after years of being clean trying to overcome I like where I am in life so far but I know that if i start again it’ll mess things up

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I am really sorry you are struggling right now. Do you have any good supportive friends you can call so you aren’t alone. Do you have a safe place that brings you peace you could go? Just remember going back can make things so much worse and it sounds like you are doing good. What has helped you stay sober in the past? I believe in you and you don’t have to walk in this alone. I hope things get easier and the urges will pass. You are brave for reaching out and I am proud of you.

Hi friend!

I am sorry that you are struggling with those feelings in this moment. Sounds like you have been clean for a really long time. So ask yourself if its really worth risking it all and throwing all that progress away. I know in the moment of stress, pain, frustration or intensity that it can be easy to crave to fall back on that. But my friend you can pull through this!

Is there something you can do to distract from these cravings? Whether voice chat with a friend? Play a game? Or any kind of hobby or passion that you have? What sort of things do you enjoy?

Drugs, alcohol, pills all that can take so much from you. Don’t throw it away my friend. What sort of things have you turned to in these least years of being sober?

Be strong! Reaching out is a good first step. Whatever you need to help yourself stay sober, reach out to those things. I believe in you friend.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you have an urge to use again. The Temptation is probably very strong but you can’t just give into it. It’s like you said you love the place you’re at in your life right now. Think about something that you enjoy doing and see if you can indulge yourself in it. I am not or have never been a user or substance abuse patient but I can tell you that the thing that helps me with my mental illness is usually music. You’d be surprised the power music has to help you with things. I encourage you to find your favorite musicians or your favorite bands and try to just relax and see where the music takes you. You got this I believe in you!!!