Pls stop it


usually when i vent to someone that ain’t a close friend, maybe an acquaintance or on some online place, i usually regret doing it bc people reply in a way that they are more concerned about arguu and prove their point for why u shouldn’t be upset about it instead of giving sympathy like man i desperately need to vent and im not doing it thinking anybody would reply i vent just to vent and it helps to formulate ur emotions into words and sometimes it’s better not having any reply than having people gashlighting u even tho they know ur very depressed.

pls don’t comment on people who is venting just to prove their wrong.
people need slightest goddamn sympathy not argument even when i mention that i am deadly suicidel it’s more important to prove their point. u might argue with me on my grave next time bc that’s where im likely going not b4 long


If you’re thinking about suicide, please call the suicide lifeline and let them know you’re in crisis.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

You can find additional numbers to call here: Heartsupport List of Crisis Lines & MH Services - Google Sheets


Thank you for sharing with us what’s going on. Please reach out if you need crisis support, it’s not easy having to struggle alone. You deserve help and safety.