Post breakup

The next day after a nasty breakup is always the most painful day…everything sinks in and is constantly making you think of “what I could of done better.” All day today, I have been on and off about how I’ve been feeling. My heart feels like it’s been ready to burst all day and I just want this to be done.

Hey @Tyler777,

Take it easy friend, one step at a time, one day after another. If you need to cry, if you need to scream, if you need to vent that’s okay. Even if sometimes it means just crying, having a warm coffee, watching stupid TV shows or not doing anything, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just take care of yourself as you can. You’re gonna be okay.

Sending hugs to you. :heart:


Take it slow and easy and process it one step at a time. Breakups are hard and messy. It’s okay to talk to someone and reach out. It’s okay to cry, I’ve cried when breakups happen. Journal, talk, scream into a pillow, vent, do what you think is going to help you process this. Know that you are not struggling alone that there have been others here that have gone through what you are going through. Keep hanging in there and know that it is okay to talk about what you are going through.